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The college admission process for thousands of students graduating from high school each year can appear to be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Counselors in many of our public, private and parochial schools are stretched to their personal limits by large caseloads and multiple responsibilities. There are times when additional assistance in the college admission process is sought by students and their families outside of the school program.


Examples of areas of service provided by Behrend Consulting

  • Individual assistance in the college admissions process for students and their families
  • Career decision making/college major assistance and selection
  • College transfer consultation
  • Workshop presentations on all aspects of college admission for students, families, colleges and businesses
  • Speaker and presentation services concerning:
  • Student motivation for higher education
  • Development and improvement of guidance college admission programs
  • Parental involvement in the admissions process
  • Tips for students in applying to selective colleges
  • Consultation services with colleges and school districts